Cost-effective Solvency II reporting using Software-as-a-Service.

Your solution always compliant with the latest EIOPA specifications!

Cost efficiency is a major driver in the trend for vertical Software-as-a-Service solutions.

As specialist vendor SecondFloor is a market leader in Solvency II regulatory reporting.

Each year the Solvency II regulations evolve an changes are published. It requires a continious efforts to monitor the regulations and implement the changes.

The Solvency product specialists at SecondFloor monitor regulations and changes in the specifications to keep our platform up-to-date. We share our knowledge and expertise with +100s of insurers and ensure that the solutions is always compatible with the latest specifications (and also with previous versions).

Solvency II reporting is an activity performed under a limited number of days during the year. Still a reliable platform is required to make sure the regulatory reporting deadlines are kept. With a shared platform the IT costs can be better controlled.

SecondFloor implemented its Solvency II service in a top-tier data-center in the Netherlands, which enables us to share costs for the most cost-effective and reliable platform.

It is not uncommon that different functions in the reporting process use different systems. As a result different layers prevent efficient collaboration and the reporting process becomes error prone. Inefficient resource allocation is a hidden cost of lack of system support.

A streamlined reporting process means to facilitate collaboration across departments, functions and systems to properly support all roles and responsibilities within the reporting process including its governance structure. Our software puts you in control of the reporting, so you can stay in control of the business.

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