Our network of trusted local partners

RNA Analytics

R³S is a leading software product for financial and actuarial analysis, designed in response to the increasing focus on risk and capital management and the demand for more realistic modeling in financial analysis. Read more

Partner in Austria and Germany

Arithmetica is one of the leading financial and insurance consulting firms in Austria with a long-term success story. The company has Austrian roots and an international network. Read more

Posthuma Partners

Posthuma Parters was established in 1997. The company develops and implements intelligent actuarial and financial software based on various mathematical and statistical models. This gives insight into insurance portfolios or income statements in a structured and sustainable way, flowing from all desired (risk) angles. Read more

Partner in Bulgaria

BG Actuary is a leading Actuarial & Risk consultancy firm established in Sofia. The company supports insurance companies with services for the actuarial and risk function, especially related to the regulatory reporting under the Solvency II regime. Read more

Partner in Isreal

Shanzer Risk Management is a consultancy firm in Tel Aviv for strategic advisory, risk & capital management, Solvency II, and Basel III. The company works with banks, insurance companies, investment houses, and regulators. Read more

Partner in Greece and Cyprus

Prudential is the leading Independent Employee Benefits Consulting Firm in Greece since 1984, guiding and supporting organizations in the area of employee benefits. Prudential provides the highest level of expertise through its 20 professional staff including several prominent consultants, with national reputation. Read more