New partner: Prudential Greece

Jan-Willem van der Schors News

logo Prudential Greece new partner Solvency II service
After being a succesful reseller of the SecondFloor Solvency II Service, we are now proud to present Prudential Greece as being official partner of SecondFloor. SecondFloors’ offering is complementary and a good addition to the Actuarial services of Prudential, as SecondFloor enables Prudential to structure and improve the efficiency of the Solvency reporting cycle, increasing the quality of the reporting, and allowing for further expansion of their services.
By becoming a SecondFloor partner, Prudential will represent SecondFloor in the geographical areas of Greece, Malta and Cyprus. Prudential is able to go to a new range of customers offering our full range of products including our Solvency II Service, Enterprise Risk Management Solution including Disclosure manager, and our IFRS17 offering.
With the product offering of SecondFloor we enable the efficient generation of analytics, regulatory and management reports, on time every time, through operational robust calculation engines & models, using a smooth, automated and documented processes involving various systems and role-based workflows, giving a full end-to-end audit trail on all activities, using role-based governance, security and ownership for all data and processes.

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