New Partner: BG Actuary

Jan-Willem van der Schors News

Logo Partner BGActuary
After successfully growing our partner network, SecondFloor is proud to present its partnership with BG Actuary in Bulgaria.
BG Actuary is a leading Risk actuarial consultancy firm established in Sofia. Besides the actuarial services, BG Actuary supports over 10 insurance companies in Solvency II reporting.

BG Actuary uses the Solvency II service by SecondFloor to support its clients in the risk functions for Solvency II regulatory reporting. The Solvency II service enables BG Actuary to structure and improve the efficiency of the Solvency reporting cycles. The service ensures compatibility with EIOPA’s XBRL through the required taxonomy updates (as a pain-free T4U replacement).

The cooperation is a result of the popular QIS tool provided by SecondFloor during the Quantitative Impact Studies five years ago. A clear proof of SecondFloor’s long-term commitment to the market.

With the product offering of SecondFloor we enable the efficient generation of analytics, regulatory and management reports, on time every time, through operational robust calculation engines & models, using a smooth, automated and documented processes involving various systems and role-based workflows, giving a full end-to-end audit trail on all activities, using role-based governance, security and ownership for all data and processes.

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