IORP II reporting with governance, audit and XBRL

IORP-II Service for a swift implementation of the new European standard for pension funds.

IORP II Directive requirements

The new IORP Directive for pension funds is approved by the EU on the 14th of December 2016 (as replacement of the Directive from 2004). The new regulation shall be enforced through national law from January 2019. The Directive sets new requirements for around 15.000 legal entities in Europe.

With the IORP II Directive new requirements are introduced among others for governance, own risk assessment and XBRL reporting. The specification for the XBRL reporting are published by EIOPA with a specific Pension Funds Taxonomy (final version end 2018).

IORP-II Service Information

Fully compliant with IORP regulatory requirements

Hassle-free solution

This service for pension funds is a subscription based and fully managed by SecondFloor. The service is available hosted in our data center, or can be installed on-premise on your IT infrastructure. We can facilitate the integration with your existing reporting templates for an easy transition.

Automatic updates

SecondFloor manages the service including the regulatory updates upon changes by EIOPA, this is included in the subscription. You do not need to worry about future changes in the specifications. Our team closely follows the developments at EIOPA, and is available to assist clients.

Effective and efficient

The service is developed based upon our long term experiences and proven to be user-friendly. For example clients appreciate the validations - as a very helpful and time-saving feature. Furthermore the solution can be customized for a smoother integration with your best-practices.

Flexible subscription

SecondFloor offers pension funds a flexible subscription for the service. A great opportunity to implement the IORP II reporting without up-front investment. Why not experience it directly with a free trial. Contact our sales for more information or request a trial.

Join our network

SecondFloor is a specialist supplier of Risk and Regulatory reporting solutions, supporting customers in over 15 countries across Europe. We have extensive experience with the implementation of EIOPA's requirements, and with the national specific local add-ons. Request a demo to see for yourself how you can benefit.