Enterprise Risk Solutions

Within the Insurance domain SecondFloor has over 10 years of experience in dealing with complex environments. To manage this complexity, SecondFloor has develop its IP owned Enterprise Risk Framework: eFrame. This framework allows top tier insurance companies to handle the various aspects of Solvency II.

a complex environment

In the landscape with multiple business lines using best-in-class modelling & reporting tools against multiple systems and data sources, eFrame leverages your existing environment to realize a predictable integrated risk platform that easily adapts to your future needs.

Solvency II Pillars
ORSA is seen as a process rather than a reporting requirementDutch Association of Insurers
Integrate Control Comply


eFrame helps to Integrate people, systems and any other assets in an E2E environment


It gives Control over input (data), calculations and results (reports) for your reporting cycles with work-flow, validations, version control and a complete audit trail


It allows you to comply with risk policies, business objectives and regulatory requirements!


Modular and configurable solutions that fit your governance model and use-case
A pricing structure that fits your business-case



Your existing best-in-class solutions (methodology, models, systems)
With SecondFloor best-practices and proven technology


Process automation from input sources to reporting results
Integrate any modelling environment and data source



Over 10 years working in the front-line of Solvency II
Know-how from working with top-tier European insurance companies

Your use-case?


  • Adding overall governance
  • Orchestrate E2E processes with configurable workflow
  • Across all lines of business
  • Establish seamless integration between multiple environments
  • Manage all data inputs, calculations and output reports
  • Supporting a larger (global) user-base
  • Fully support the complete group structure

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add-on solution

Add-on solution
  • Different set-up’s based on client specific needs
  • Performs a dedicated process:
  • Integrations
  • Data quality / management
  • Calculations
  • Analysis
  • Reporting


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core risk platform

Core risk platform
  • Support Pillar I – II & III
  • Implement governance
  • Data management
  • Capital calculation
  • Quantitative reporting
  • Narrative reporting
  • Incl. Standard model
  • Supports internal models


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