Enterprise reporting for Solvency II

Integrate, Control & Comply

Control reporting and compliance are achieved, in an effective and efficient manner, when the risk management and/or regulatory reporting IT landscape is well integrated.

A complex landscape

In a typical Solvency II environment your business lines use best-in-class modelling & reporting tools against multiple systems and data sources. On top of that you may be operating international under multiple regimes. eFrame Enterprise leverages your existing landscape to realize a predictable integrated risk platform that easily adapts to your future needs.

Solvency II pillars
Process control

At the heart of our solution are features for 100% control of your reporting processes. These ensure repeatible, auditable and automated reporting processes that enforce your govenernance rules. And through integration a high level of automation achieved.


The connectors that come with our Enterprise solution enable the integration with external data sources and the favorite modelling tools used by your actuary team. Our connectors allow for automated integration, and can run tasks in the background on a grid.

Data management

Tools for data management are essential for the outcomes that drive your business decisions. The Enterprise solution is designed to ensure data quality and control, and still offer the flexibility needed in daily operations.


Under Solvency II governance has risen high on the agenda. Enforcing governance and collecting the evidence can be a tedious and expensive tasks. Our Enterprise solutions enables insurance companies to embed governance structures in support of risk & compliance functions.

Team Collaboration

Hand-overs can easily become the weakest link. SecondFloor has designed its solution to make team collaboration a strong link. Organizations benefit when roles, responsibilities and the organizational hierarchy structure are set-up in our solution.

Qualitative reporting

Managing narrative elements and quantitative data together is a challenge. SecondFloor has put great effort into developing a solution. Now we offer an unique solution for qualitative reports like ORSA, SFCR and RSR.

Financial regulatory authorities