SecondFloor B.V. is committed to protecting personal information following the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the ePrivacy Directive 2002/58/EC. Data collected by SecondFloor is processed securely, not disclosed to third parties without consent and following this policy guidelines.

Our SaaS services

SecondFloor acts as data processor on behalf of customers using our SaaS services. Any personal information registered through the service is customer data (owned by our customer). SecondFloor has no rights to use that personal information in any other way than the purpose and means of the processing for the customer. The SaaS services by SecondFloor are hosted in an IBM Softlayer data-center located in the EU. The hosting provider has no rights to the data.

Our other engagements

SecondFloor collects only minimal personal information in the engagement with the market and customers for  business purposes and its operations, e.g. to follow-up on leads, to contact (customer) representatives, to administrate users of the services, to send invoices, to share updates and news. When you provide us with your business contact details this confirms legitimate interest for future (electronic) communication. All such information is classified as confidential information. Our partners and suppliers are reviewed to protect privacy and information security.

Site analytics and advertising

Our site uses analytical tools to improve usability and enhance content. In our marketing we use advertising services that track users. For these purposes our site uses cookies from third-parties like Google and LinkedIn.

Disclosure for legal reasons

We reserve the right to disclose personal information in accordance with the law. A legal request for the disclosure of personal information will be carefully evaluated prior to the disclosure of any information.


For an inquiry on the registration of your personal data you can contact us via email.