Corporate Social Responsibility

As an SME company within the IT-sector, SecondFloor recognizes the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. We materialize this in our vision in three main aspects for our relationship with others and the society: Value, Responsibility and Openness.


For SecondFloor, the pursuit of value is a leading factor; in the relationship with our customers, the way we see our employees and for our shareholders. The human resources in the company are valuable for providing excellent services to our customers, and also for the innovation of our software. These aspects are the foundation for a sustainable, long-term relationship with our customers. In our view, the value-added relationship with our customer generates value for our shareholders. Our board and shareholders focus on value with profitability.


As an SME company, SecondFloor supplies IT-solutions for regulatory reporting within the financial sector. Our clients manage trillions in assets, for which we provide reporting in support of financial supervision. We strive to be a reliable supplier and have been fulfilling this responsibility over 10 years now. In the relationship with our employees, we offer flexibility. It is however important that every employee acknowledges their own responsibility within the company.


We are proud of our open culture in which transparency and equality are leading. We work together with clients in over 15 countries and have an international multicultural team. We strive to achieve equal and respectful treatment regardless; gender, nationality or size (of the customer). We also carry out transparency in our communication and solutions. It is our vision that openness and cooperation improve quality in the broadest sense of its word. In this way, we believe we contribute in a positive way to our environment and our society.