In March, our certification-actuarial audit system is ready for use and we are extremely proud of it. It is now possible for certified actuaries to use the XBRL FTK audit service from SecondFloor to convert the XBRL into a readable format and to be able to examine the relevant information. With approval of the Actuarial Declaration, this can be converted to XBRL format and combined with an electronic signature whereby an unique accountant number (hash total) can be sent to their own local regulator.

SecondFloor has developed these extra features because EIOPA’s IORP II comes into force per 2019 in Europe, and in the Netherlands the equal version FTK. Not only the Pension Funds have to report in XBRL to their local regulator (in the Netherlands the DNB), the certifying actuaries involved also receive the same XBRL file. Another aspect is that we regularly speak with auditors to listen carefully to the needs of the clients. For us, innovation is the key to sustainable growth, which is why we believe it is important to continue to develop and invest in product development.

These valuable features will also offer great added value for our other services such as Solvency II in the future.

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