The ‘R³S eFrame Enterprise introduction for IFRS 17 building’ seminar was successfully held in Korea on the 20th of September, 2018. This event was organized through cooperation with RNA, SecondFloor and iTeyes Inc. to provide the best solution for companies seeking a reliable integrated solution for IFRS 17.

The ‘R³S eFrame Enterprise’ provides an automated end-to-end workflow for the IFRS 17 system from data acquisition to calculation and reporting. Also, it maximizes project time and efficiency by linking existing systems and integrating processes with 3rd party solutions. Based on the successful implementation of Solvency II in Europe, RNA Analytics and partners ensure the efficient application of IFRS 17 with proven solutions worldwide and not only in Korea.

The R³S eFrame Enterprise is an OEM product of SecondFloor B.V. in the Netherlands and is exclusively distributed by RNA Analytics.

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