We are pleased to announce that during the 2nd quarter of 2018, RNA Analytics and SecondFloor agreed to a partnership to better serve the insurance market in Asia-Pacific region for implementing IFRS 17. The aim of this partnership is to license and distribute SecondFloors’ eFrame® software under the chosen name: R3S eFrame® Enterprise. By combining the software package and expertise of each party, RNA Analytics is now able to provide clients in Asia-Pacific with complete, scalable, end-to-end solutions for IFRS 17.

The partnership will capitalize on RNA Analytics strong presence and expertise in actuarial modelling across Asia-Pacific, particularly for IFRS 17; alongside Second Floor’s excellent solutions and technology innovations to automate reporting processes. The teams of RNA Analytics and SecondFloor have a strong and long-established relationship, working together since 2010. RNA Analytics’ advanced and flexible actuarial and risk modelling capability (R3S), together with SecondFloors’ software, process control, data management and reporting will enable insurers to meet the upcoming IFRS 17 regulatory requirements.

eFrame® is a very powerful data and process management tool, designed to manage reporting cycles in the highly regulated financial industry. eFrame® gathers data from across the organization for analysis and reporting purposes. The proven technology supports top-tier insurers across Europe with repeatable and auditable reporting processes.

About RNA Analytics

RNA Analytics was established in 2017 but is formed around a software development and consulting team that has been working together for many years. RNA Analytics offers insurance firms a comprehensive actuarial and risk modeling solution that provides essential analytics and regulatory metrics to help meet the needs of financial services companies worldwide. The solution supports the modeling of insurance and asset portfolios across a spectrum of risk-based regulatory regimes including Solvency II and IFRS. It helps insurers meet requirements for more realistic and complex modeling to enable critical risk-informed decision making.

R³S is a leading software product for financial and actuarial analysis, designed in response to the increasing focus on risk and capital management and the demand for more realistic modeling in financial analysis.

About SecondFloor

SecondFloor is a market leading RegTech supplier specialized in risk and regulatory reporting. Our mission is to accelerate reporting with innovative and reliable solutions, that facilitate the reporting and governance processes of our customers.

In complex regulated environments – with new requirements, more reporting and shorter timelines – our clients feel confident with controlled and audited processes that produce the required reports on time. SecondFloor offers scalable solutions that fit any size of company in the highly regulated financial sector.

For more information about our solutions and services and/or the established partnership in Asia-Pacific region, please contact via e-mail: sales@rnaanalytics.com.