The insurance branch for one of the larger financial services groups in the Nordic region migrated to eFrame – Enterprise edition. SecondFloor’s Enterprise Risk Reporting solution will replace multiple existing solutions to streamline Solvency II reporting.

Insurers often started Solvency II implementation at least 5 years ago. Vendors had developed functionality to meet Solvency II requirements, often focused on specific aspects. This is especially the case for non-specialized solutions/vendors. As a result insurers had to combine multiple solutions for Solvency II reporting. Nowadays SecondFloor can streamline that reporting.

In the past 5 years SecondFloor continued to develop its specialized software product for risk and regulatory reporting. With 10 years of know-how we progress our market leading position to support new regulations, new requirements, shorter timelines with innovative solutions. Our user-friendly software provides controlled reporting processes that produce the required reports on time!