Lookout from our CEO – Bart Oortwijn

Looking back on 2017 SecondFloor has developed strongly, as specialist in the niche market for insurance risk management.  Last year we realized a 100% growth in number of clients and extended our partner network to be better connected with the market. We have improved client relationships and became a trusted partner to deliver risk and regulatory reporting solutions as a service for small, medium and top-tier insurers. In 2018 we expect to continue to see a growing demand for solutions in ERM to streamline risk reporting processes and implement IFRS 17. SecondFloor has invested in narrative reporting, XBRL reporting, model integration(s) and platform capabilities to meet that demand.

We are looking forward to engage with you in further developing your risk and regulatory reporting processes.

New ORSA developments

From Q1’18 we enhanced the support for ORSA in the Solvency II service. Features include amongst others:

  • The ability for a user to configure scenarios.
  • Good practices narrative reporting templates for ORSA.
  • Effortless integration between the calculated results and your narrative reporting.
  • Collaboration and governance on ORSA reports.

About SecondFloor

SecondFloor is the specialist in Insurance Risk management solutions in Europe. The company offers highly scalable IT solutions that fit any size of insurance company. With its strong track record, SecondFloor developed excellent know-how and offers solutions approved by regulators throughout Europe.

The product offering of SecondFloor enables efficient analytics, regulatory and management reports, on time every time. SecondFloor is a preferred supplier for a wide range of environments; internal model platforms, standard formula processes and regulatory reporting tool for QRT’s (XBRL), SFCR, ORSA and RSR.

For more information about our services, please contact Joris Van Dam via e-mail: J.vanDam@secondfloor.com or phone: +31 6 433 93 215.