We are pleased to announce that during the 4th quarter of 2017, SecondFloor and Posthuma Partners signed a strategic partnership. The aim of this partnership is to serve the European Insurance Market better when it comes to Actuarial software and Solvency II solutions.

The partnership brings together two excellent software modules, developed by highly experienced organizations. Both entities have shown a significant growth within Europe and continue to grow even further in the near future.

About Posthuma Partners

Posthuma Parters was established in 1997. The company develops and implements intelligent actuarial and financial software based on various mathematical and statistical models. This gives insight into insurance portfolios or income statements in a structured and sustainable way, flowing from all desired (risk) angles.

Posthuma’s software tool CMF®, its evidence based Claims Management Filter, provides 3 types of client-solutions:

  • Sustainable reduce of claims ratio
  • Reduce of operational handling costs
  • Improvement of the business portfolio quality by machine learning approach

Posthuma’s software tool IFM®, to assess an insurance portfolio by means of stochastic modelling, provides 4 types of client-solutions:

  • Analysis and control of a portfolio, cost effective management control;
  • Valuation, Validation and Predictive Power of a portfolio;
  • Improving business profitability;
  • Regulatory demands:  ORSA, Solvency II, IAS/IFRS

About SecondFloor

SecondFloor is a market leading RegTech supplier specialized in risk and regulatory reporting. Our mission is to accelerate reporting with innovative and reliable solutions, that facilitate the reporting and governance processes of our customers.

In complex regulated environments – with new requirements, more reporting and shorter timelines – our clients feel confident with controlled and audited processes that produce the required reports on time. SecondFloor offers scalable solutions that fit any size of company in the highly regulated financial sector.

For more information about our services or the established partnership, please contact Joris Van Dam via e-mail: J.vanDam@secondfloor.com or phone: +31 6 433 93 215.