As an Insurer you must have heard that after the 3rd quarter of 2017, EIOPA decommissions their T4U support. T4U was created to offer undertakings a basic tool to create, amend and validate reports, and produce XBRL.

With the decommissioning of T4U, for you as an insurance company, it is important to find a hassle-free replacement that meets all your Solvency II requirements. SecondFloor offers a T4U replacement, including all regulatory requirements, EIOPA validations and EIOPA taxonomy updates.

We find it very important to serve you as a company with the same requirements as EIOPA’s tool had. We have over 10 years of experience and have acquired know-how and expertise to develop a similar tool as T4U which you can use as alternative. We have translated over 10 years of experience, acquired know-how and expertise, into our Solvency II Service. Besides being an excellent T4U replacement, our tool also offers additional features like auditability.

Solvency II Service is configured in a modular way, making it easy to upgrade to your specific requirements as insurance company: SCR/MCR calculations, ORSA, SFCR or RSR. Furthermore, with our software it is possible to convert your XBRL files back to a readable Excel format whether you perform auditing for clients or want to verify your data against all EIOPA validations.

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