SecondFloor updated its Solvency II service for Taxonomy 2.1.0 support in December 2016 with success. The effort was aimed to timely support our clients for the quarterly Q4 2016 filing. The update of the taxonomy and templates was well in time for our customers to comfortably go through their quarterly filing.

After a survey among our Solvency II service clients, we can confirm that the transition towards the latest taxonomy 2.1.0 was painless and successful. The filing was smooth and easy for our customers, using our software they were taken in a step by step approach from data to the final XBRL report. This includes reporting with Ring-Fenced Funds (RFF).

SecondFloor checks all EIOPA validations including helpful error messages before generating the XBRL. This to ensure our customers don’t file anything that doesn’t pass the upload to their regulator or EIOPA.

SecondFloor also provides a plug and play replacement for T4U, to get you started on a successful filing within less then a day.