In January SecondFloor completed the Taxonomy 2.1.0 upgrade for the Solvency II service customers. Our customers are now able to execute quarterly and annual regulatory filings according the version 2.1.0 of the Taxonomy, published by EIOPA.

SecondFloor is proud to announce that successful test fillings have been completed in several countries across Europe; including Ireland, UK and Greece, every week more successful test filings are being done. All our customers are ready for the first filing using taxonomy 2.1.0.

For now the taxonomy 2.1.0 is supported by EIOPA’s T4U (Tool-for-Undertakings see link below), that is scheduled to be decommissioned after undertakings have conducted the first Solvency II reporting exercise in the second half of 2016 due to EIOPA’s budget restrictions.

We are looking forward to continue to support insurance companies on our best-in-class platform providing end-to-end support in regulatory compliance with Solvency II.