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SecondFloor established a partnership with H. Pierson in Nigeria to support the introduction of Solvency II in the country. The introduction of a Solvency II like regime in Nigeria will be based on the implementation Europa with local adjustments.

The partnership between H. Pierson and SecondFloor creates a proposition that is well positioned to address regulatory reporting related market needs for insurance companies in Nigeria. The partners are working close together to better understand and address the market needs.

About H. Pierson

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SecondFloor is a market leading RegTech supplier specialized in risk and regulatory reporting. Our mission is to accelerate reporting with innovative and reliable solutions, that facilitate the reporting and governance processes of our customers.

In complex regulated environments – with new requirements, more reporting and shorter timelines – our clients feel confident with controlled and audited processes that produce the required reports on time. SecondFloor offers scalable solutions that fit any size of company in the highly regulated financial sector.