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For governance, risk management, compliance regulatory reporting, analytics and decision support


Our Solutions

Analytics & Reporting

Efficiently generate analytics and regulatory and management reports, on time every time.
Control and orchestrate analytics and reporting processes regardless of the quantity of people, locations, systems, data, formats, models, calculations, aggregations, templates and outputs involved.
Use workflows to reflect the way you want things done and be confident, during audits or supervisory reviews, that everything is complete, accurate and repeatable.
Ensure security and user permissions at all levels of your reporting hierarchy.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Manage and govern risk in the value chain of your organization to comply with the continuous changing requirements from the market and the government.
The next generation of GRC is outcome driven and aligns the gap between Business with IT, not only from an operational perspective, but as well from a strategic perspective. Focusing on Measurable, Actionable, Diagnostic, Enabling and Operational Deliverables, SecondFloor creates synergy within the whole organization.

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